Choose Your Signature Item

Hey Gorgeous,
Your signature item is an item that really feels like you. It is what you wear when you need to feel strong. The signature item is a gift that a women gives to herself.

No. 1



F+H’s original designs are created to represent a balance of toughness and beauty. Create your own style, layer it, embrace it, own it. F+H Jewellery is created to give you years of enjoyment, using only premium heavy plating, the highest quality craftsmanship and natural gemstones. Equally impactful when dressing up a simple tee and jeans or accessorising a little black dress, F + H is effortless in its ability to create a styling statement.
x Jamie

No. 2



Handcrafted Luxury Accessories. Modern heirlooms, consciously handcrafted using sustainable + natural materials. SANCIA is the love child of traditional artisan craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. Inspired by world travels, a love for adventure and the carefree beauty of Australia. The main inspiration behind SANCIA, is to create functional, refined, quality & durable pieces that can’t be found anywhere else & create pieces last a lifetime.
x Jamie

No. 3



 If your answer to the question “who would play you in a movie?” is Kate Moss – then you need a biker jacket! Here’s a curated selection of leather and suede biker jackets for you – all hand-made in Bali.
x Jamie

No. 4



That's right this is the Blazer Madonna was wearing in her 70ies disco inspired music video "God Control". That's the kind of designer label ZHIVAGO is, dressing Madonna and You!
x Jamie